Tuesday, April 13, 2010


When I was very young, my grandmother started teaching me to sew. The first thing she taught me was how to thread a needle (the old fashioned way, not with a threader). It was huge to me at that time, but over time became very insignificant, until yesterday!
My seven year old granddaughter brought me her little sewing machine that was given to her by her other grandmother and said, "Grandmother, can you fix my sewing machine, because I know you are the ONLY one that would know how."
The compliment was was so sweet and I hoped I would be able to live up to the mechanical difficulty of fixing this little machine that Singer® had taken great strides to making sure that a child could not get into the inner workings of for safety reasons. I began looking at what the problem could possibly be and yes, as I am sure you have figured out already, she didn't know how to thread the needle.
Our problems in life are very similar as my beautiful grandchild's. While they may be simple to one person, until we are shown what to do, they are insurmountable. How about teaching someone to thread a needle today?!

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