Thursday, May 6, 2010


The other day I told one of my granddaughters something and got a look that could have killed without the use of any other weapon. Immediately, I sailed back through time to my youth and heard my grandmother say, "Nikki, I know you don't hate me, even if that look on your face says you do right now. My fear for you honey is that someone else will knock that look right off your face for you if you do not stop using it yourself."
Later the same week my mother nearly did do just that!
It took me a while to learn the advise was good and fortunately I did before getting really hurt by someone other than family, but it took even longer to realize that my grandmother was speaking to me from experience and how important that is. The fact is, I learned the last part this week when I turned and saw that glare I was given by my own grandchild.
You see, I know she doesn't hate me either (we are as close as I was to my own grandmother) and what I said to her was so similar to what my grandmother said that it shocked me for a moment.
We always hope that we can learn from the mistakes of those before us, it is why we study history after all! My Grandmother Taught Me This!

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