Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It is always in my head as I get ready for any outing, her voice as clear as it was when I was little saying, "Now, Honey, first impressions are everything!" My grandmother was a grand lady that always emphasized to her grandchildren the importance of being on time, dressing properly for the occasion and ALWAYS leaving someone with the best impression possible.
Since that time I have applied this peace of wisdom in everything, trying always to leave the impression first that I want someone to remember when they think of me, my business, my family or what ever the endeavor.
The article you write, the words you use, the presentation you made, if you had messy hair or clothing or house, even down to your business card leaves someone with an impression of you that will never be erased. If you don't believe it call someone you started a relationship with more than a year ago and ask them to describe you! You will find that they will describe the person they met, not who you have become.
A personal example is a couple of friends that I speak to about once every 5 years for the last 30. Several times I have said, "You will never believe what I am doing now!" These sweet frienda will say, "We all figured you would be a model!" I love these friends and obviously they love me too! I haven't looked good enough to model in much more than 30 years, but they remember me from when I was twenty and blond and thin (in my mind not the model type, but I guess I was in theirs).
So, as you go about your life, regardless of what you do or want to be, just remember......"Honey, first impressions are EVERYTHING!"

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