Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The rules of dress have gone out the window. When I was a teenager my Grandmother taught me when to wear white shoes and when you put them away for next year. Gloves short, long, where and when were another rule.
Today telling you grandchildren to dress modestly is about as far as it goes. There are every day jeans, and dress up jeans ........ end of rules.
It may be an easier life, I can't decide if it is a better life. Child psychologist tell us that children need guidelines and rules to go by; our society today tells us to let everyone just be who they are.
My question is this. If you have to have jeans to be who you are, are you any different then anyone else? This is a question my Grandmother would have asked me!

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  1. On attire I think the "rules" change as a society changes. For example I stopped wearing my powdered wig (the one like the first President's) a few weeks ago and decided to show off the hair that I have left!