Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Grandchildren race into the room so excited! Each time this happens it is about something different and of varying degrees of importance. It might be somewhere they are going or something that happened or about the little kid down the street swallowing a bug.

This week my youngest granddaughter raced up to me at the front door and was saying something that sounded to me like, "chew, chew"! I don't remember exactly what I said but as I rounded the corner, her mother was sitting on a blanket in the hall where she and her little girl had been working together and said, "She is trying to tell you she is two."

At first I panicked that I had missed the change of the month and a birthday (I hadn't they were just practicing for the upcoming event next month). I was relieved when I discovered my mind was still in tact, but a pain of sadness hit me too that my youngest granddaughter and my youngest grandson were within a month of each other soon to be two. It happened so fast !

Sharing the moments of the lives of the people in your life is such a gift from God! How thankful we should be for each second with each and everyone of them!

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