Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Best Christmas Ever!

     My grandmother often told the story of what was the best Christmas in their immediate family. They lived on a farm when my dad was little and one year she and the three children were quarantined inside the house with scarlet fever. It was never quite clear why my grandfather was not included in the house, at least not in the story as told to me.
      Apparently, the quarantine was just before Christmas and Mom Mom (what the grandchildren ended up calling my grandmother) knew they would not be out, or Grandad in until late afternoon Christmas Eve, she started pulling old coats, dresses and anything else she could find out of the closet, cutting them up and making new clothes out of them for the children so that they would have a Christmas. When Christmas morning came, they all had presents including my grandfather. Mom Mom said it was her best Christmas ever, even though I am sure you have figured out there was nothing for her! Her present was in knowing her family did not miss anything at this special time of year.
     Last week at our church we had tables of things that we do and on my part of our table my daughter-in-laws provided some of the things that I made for the grandchildren about 5 years ago at Christmas some sewn, crocheted, or whatever. It thrilled my heart because I knew the love that I made those items with and was reminded of my own grandmother and everything she had taught me about the love of family and how it is shown at the birthday party of our king.

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